Dance is used in theater to slow a scenario down and allow the audience to really take in the emotions of the characters. While an actor can use movement and dialog to portray their emotional state, dance takes the emotion using music and elevates and magnifies the intensity so the audience can step further into the character’s motives, reactions and overall state of being. The audience has been given full access to the character’s heart, the seat of emotion.

God has given us this wonderful tool of ministry to do two things, reveal a human mindset and reveal God’s heart and mind concerning that mindset. Just like dance gives the audience full access to the character’s heart, it also allows us, through the right perspective of God and ministry, to give the audience full access to God’s heart as well. God’s main objective inside of all of the artistic avenues is to reconcile man back to Himself. The Academy of the Arts program is designed by God to train our students to do just that.After intense theatrical training, our students will have the ability to take any piece of Christ-centered music and create movements that portray that song and use it to tell a story, a thought or a feeling. They will also be given a well-rounded practical understanding of the art of dance with basic technical teachings of dance styles such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop and ballroom.