Bishop Coco Thompson
International Director

Coco Thompson came to Bible Teachers in the late 80’s in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Because of her God – given creative gifts and talents,  she was given the responsibility of training,  discipling and overseeing the newly formed dance troupe called “Portraits of the Word”.   She went on to be ordained as a Pastor in Bible Teachers International and sent forth to pastor a BTI church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.    

At various intervals, Coco worked her pastoral and creative arts gifts and talents in Leesburg, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.   After pastoring in Baton Rouge for a season,  she was ordained a Bishop and actively began to develop the Bible Theater Academy of the Arts.   In 2012,  Bishop Coco was reassigned to Houston Texas as Pastor of the Global Training Center, our Mid-West Global Training Center and continues to work her gifts as the International Director of Bible Theater International, under the direction of Apostle Mary Banks.


Apostle Mary Banks

Mary Banks is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ and continues to travel extensively to bring truth, reformation, holiness & hope back into the body of Christ. Apostle Banks is the founder of Bible Teachers International, Bible Teachers International Worship Centers, Bible Theater International, Lifesavers International and the accredited Bible Teachers Theological Institute (BTTI). Worship Centers and schools of ministry are located throughout the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean Islands, India, Africa & London, with new doors of opportunity opening everyday.

She is often recognized as “The Bible Teacher” to the Body of Christ and is an international speaker. She was invited to speak at the United Nations in New York City, after being recognized as a true Bible Teacher who had a message of truth and reformation.

She is anointed with wisdom and the ability to answer the simplest and most difficult questions of life by applying the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a man’s everyday situations, circumstances and relationships. Apostle Banks has been recognized for outstanding apostolic and evangelistic work throughout her region, as well as by government officials like unto the former Governor L. Chiles of Florida.